Tutorial authors

  • James Baker, University of Sussex
  • Melodee Beals, Loughborough University
  • Jim Benstead, University of Edinburgh
  • Maciej Eder, Institute of Polish Language (Polish Academy of Sciences)
  • Martin Eve, Birkbeck, University of London
  • Bridget Moynihan, University of Edinburgh
  • Mia Ridge, British Library
  • Teddy Roland, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Christof Schöch, University of Würzburg
  • Sarah Werner, Independent Scholar

Project PI: Anouk Lang
Research assistant: Robyn Pritzker
Logo design: John Amio

Administrative support at the University of Edinburgh

  • Janet Black & Vicki Kincaid (School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures)
  • Emma Cockburn & Helen Bradley (Digital Scholarship)

This project was supported by a grant from the British Academy.

Image credits